Investing in a Child’s Educational Experience

Education has always been a topic that sparks a flame of action in my heart. Taking an interest in education really means taking an interest in our students today. And while they may seem to be only young tots reading picture books or teenagers facing algebra problems at the board, they will one day be the adults tasked with responsibilities for our communities and our world – CEOs, mailmen, doctors, politicians, mothers, volunteers, and neighbors. However, due to a myriad of reasons and circumstances, not all students are provided with equal tools and levels of support needed in order to blossom and grow into educated individuals. [Read more…]

Giving Back to Our Environment

The act and idea of giving can be thought of in a variety of ways. You give a gift to someone when it’s their birthday. Or you make a donation to your religious organization. Or you spend a few hours every Saturday at the local animal shelter. Being a giver in your community is different for different people. However, have you ever thought about giving back to the environment you live in? Developing a lifestyle of being environmentally conscious can be a gift not only to yourself and your neighbors, but for generations to come. [Read more…]

Extended Stay Volunteering Across the Globe

Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes – an hour, a day, a week. But have you ever considered going big? What about two weeks to a month? What about in another country? With so much need in our world today, there are opportunities to lend a helping hand everywhere you turn. [Read more…]