Revolutionizing the Health Care Industry: UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases

Science is constantly changing and adapting. New technology is being created and developed that is heavily influencing how we live our lives. Specifically, health care innovations are improving substantially and are dramatically influencing patient care and scientific development for the better. The grandeur of the impact these new technologies bring compelled me to partner with the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases to aid them in enhancing their technology and scientific research. [Read more…]

Supporting Digestive Disease Research

At the Melvin and Bren Simon Foundation, we have been honored to donate to the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases that employs some of the greatest physicians and researchers in the entire nation. On the research side, this organization believes in breaking down the barriers of traditional research by, not limiting scientists to a specific concept or area, but allowing them to explore all options for improved patient care.

We believe in this type of dedicated and open-minded research because improving patient care and quality of life is of the utmost importance to us. We want everyone to live life to the fullest extent and receive top quality medical careĀ if necessary. While we never want to see anyone undergoing uncomfortable physical circumstances, we believe in rallying around our community during times of sickness or hardship. Our friends at UCLA allows us do just that by financing research and improved patient care.

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