No One Should Suffer From Hunger: The Story of Gleaners Food Bank

I am always awe inspired when I encounter truly dedicated individuals who are making a positive difference in their communities. They are selfless, compassionate people who devote their lives and jobs to making other people’s lives a little bit better. These people motivate me and make me strive to be a better person. These are the kinds of neighbors you find at Gleaners Food Bank.

Gleaners Food Bank is the largest charitable provider of food in Indianapolis, Indiana. They started in 1980 and currently serve 21 counties and 350 agencies. Gleaners is in its 4th generation of service and would not be possible without its donors or volunteers.

Gleaners has a simple yet very profound vision. They want to provide food to those in need and, each year, make progress to reduce the issue of food distribution and malnutrition in their communities.  Gleaners is made up of a dedicated staff along with hundreds of daily volunteers.

“No one in Indiana should suffer from hunger,” says Robert G. Wilson, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations of Gleaners. “Gleaners has guided and helped thousands of people since its conception.”

Although our country is highly developed and advanced, we still struggle with providing basic human necessities, such as food. I wish services like Gleaners did not have to exist and that comprehensive food distribution was a real thing in this country. However, because it is not we have to support food services and those without access to meals.

Tiffany Evans, Food Pantry Coordinator has been working at Gleaners for seven years now. “My household is not a stranger to food pantries. Because of this I want to make sure everyone feels like family when they are at Gleaners. No one should feel bad about being here, they are not less than anyone else,” she says.

Every one in six individuals struggle everyday with hunger. Millions do not know where their next meal is coming from. We all have the power to change these statistics. By supporting food pantries like Gleaners, our society makes progress to eradicate hunger in this country.

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