Giving Back to Our Environment

The act and idea of giving can be thought of in a variety of ways. You give a gift to someone when it’s their birthday. Or you make a donation to your religious organization. Or you spend a few hours every Saturday at the local animal shelter. Being a giver in your community is different for different people. However, have you ever thought about giving back to the environment you live in? Developing a lifestyle of being environmentally conscious can be a gift not only to yourself and your neighbors, but for generations to come.

“Going green” seems to be everywhere – so why is it so important that we continue this trend? By investing in our future, we help to preserve the quality of life we enjoy today for years to come, and in some ways, even have the opportunity to improve it. While this is a big impact, the changes you and your family make do not have to be large commitments at all. This article points out twelve reasons why we should live in an environmentally-friendly manner, including “think of the beautiful beaches” and “polar bears are cute.”

Giving back to our environment does not have to occur on an individual basis, though – businesses can participate, too. For example, Google, Microsoft, and Disney were all named amongst the top companies for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, ranging in topics from demonstrated leadership in community to innovative citizenship. CSR is not only a great opportunity to foster relationships amongst coworkers, but to familiarize communities with the good work of a company in their own neighborhood as they work in tandem to achieve a greener living space.

Here are some ways you can get started on living a greener life and giving back to your community in a fresh new way today:

Interested in learning more about simple ways you can make planet-friendly changes in your life and around your home? Check out this list of 50 ideas you can make a difference in your environment.

What’s the easiest change you made to give back to the environment?

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