Driving Digital Donations

Between crowd sourcing, social media advocacy, and mobile giving, the traditional funding style for nonprofits is transforming rapidly into the new digital age. While traditional techniques for gathering funding are still tried and true, the importance of exploring additional avenues for raising funds cannot be understated.

Maintaining an online presence is critical to securing donations. With the ability to perform detailed research at the tip of our fingers, potential donors are increasingly using the internet to find more information about organizations when they are considering making a donation.  In fact, 75 percent of donors use online resources to search for nonprofit information when making financial decisions.

Additionally, many people are increasingly using online giving methods to donate. In December of 2012, overall giving to charitable organizations grew by 3.8 percent, but online giving grew by 11.8 percent. To maintain a steady stream of donations to your organization, it is important to provide avenues for potential donors to contribute online if that is their preferred donation method.

To continue growing your charity and securing valuable donations, it is critical to always be willing to transition and grow in the ways we strive to support those in need.

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