A Peaceful Sky Garden for Continuing Recovery

When you or a loved one is ill, the healing process can be daunting whether it is recovering from the common cold or other times when it requires months of medical treatment and patience. For those times when the healing process is extended, patients find themselves under the care of physicians in sterile, clinical environments. While this atmosphere is necessary to the speedy improvement of health, sometimes smelling the crisp morning air, sitting amongst flowers, or watching the birds play in the sky can help with healing all in its own beauty.

I am passionate about improving the recovery process of those patients who must live under the watchful eye of doctors and nurses. Sterile and hygienic spaces are vital to the safety of patients as their health improves, but I believe it is equally important to commune with nature while healing. The energy of feeling the warmth of the sun and smelling the earth and flowers are important for healing as the experience brings hope and refreshment. That is why I have joined with the Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California to create an outdoor healing space, a Sky Garden, on the roof of the facility so that patients, families, staff, and faculty can spend time outside, communing with nature and in a space teeming with life.

Healing gardens help patients experience relief from symptoms, stress reduction, and overall improved sense of wellbeing and positivity. These are particularly important for patients like those at Keck Medical Center, who are often some of the most ill patients. These gardens often promote exercise as patients walk around and explore the grounds and can help to encourage an increased sense of control over self, unlike their own space in the facility which is, often times, not quiet or private.

By building a Sky Garden and opening this up to patients’ daily use, Keck Medical Center acknowledges not only the physical healing of the patient, but the person’s wellbeing as a whole – in mind, body, and spirit.

I look forward to being part of the journey to bringing healing and hope to thousands of patients, not only for a better today but also for the promise of tomorrow.

Please see more in the video below.


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