Why I Love to Volunteer – and You Should, Too!

Some times when we think of philanthropy, our minds immediately jump to big fundraising dinners or the cutting of ribbons at unveiling ceremonies. Big donations. Big commitments. However, making a difference in your community doesn’t always mean writing a check; instead it can be fulfilling our roles as neighbors through the donation of our time and compassion. [Read more…]

Earth Day

Over four decades ago, 20 million Americans banded together and made caring about our planet a worldwide topic. Since then, Earth Day is celebrated on an annual basis and seen as a global teach-in day about the environment that has governments, major companies, nonprofit organizations, and energy companies joining together to protect the ground we stand on and the water we drink. Yesterday, I saw groups and individuals planting trees, buying LED lightbulbs, and recycling while NASA shared pictures of our planet from space, and green movements pushed for government action. [Read more…]

Online Platforms Make Giving Easy

In a world that demands our attention constantly, it can be difficult to focus and even more challenging to find ways to give back to our community. However, with the increasing popularity and success of online giving platforms, it is easier than ever to assist someone or a cause in a meaningful way that works with our fast-paced and tight schedules.

Online giving platforms such as GoFundMe and Crowdsourcing.org help everyday people reach broad audiences to raise support quickly and efficiently. It only takes a few minutes for potential givers to understand the issue and donate.

[Read more…]