Help Me Understand This!

Here are some disheartening news flashes that all lead to the same conclusion.

First, the Chronicle of Philanthropy recently published its “Philanthropy 50” list this week, spotlighting America’s most generous donors. The economic recovery seems to have had a salutary impact on their philanthropic activities, as their $7.7 billion in gifts last year represent a 4% increase over 2012. [Read more…]

The Philanthropically Feminine Mystique

Decades ago, when the feminist movement was first gaining steam, it was often observed that the emergence of women in the business world would have a “softening” and “humanizing” impact. I’m no sociologist, and I have no idea if that was a shrewd prediction or not. Judging by today’s headlines, I’d say we could still use a bit more “humanizing” in the corridors of corporate power.

Yet it does occur to me that the view of women implicit in such discussions is a mite glib. Can’t women be as “hard” and “inhuman” as men? Did Catherine the Great really “humanize” Old Russia?

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